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Compact Plus  

Kit A Expansion Vessel & Check Valve 

Required where pipework cannot accommodate expansion 
1 No Pre-charged 2L Expansion Vessel 
1 No 15mm compression single check valve 
Individually boxed 

Kit B Pressure Reducing Valve 

Required when mains pressure  
exceeds 4.5 Bar 
1 No 15mm Pressure reducing valve Adjustable (preset to 3 Bar) 
1 No Pressure gauge (optional extra) 

Kit C Undersink Heater Installation Kit 

1 No 700mm x 1/2" bsp braided hose 
1 No 300mm x 1/2" bsp braided hose 
1 No 15mm x 1/2" x 15mm compression tee 
1No 1/2" x 3/4" angle tundish 
1No 15mm compression lever service valve 

Kit J/1 Tundish 

In compliance with Building regulations Part G3 requirements 
KIT J/1 1/2" x 3/4" angle tundish 

Kit D 2L Expansion Vessel  Installation Kit 

Kit D - 2L Expansion Vessel Installation Kit 
Useful where vessel is on view or at risk of damage (Vessel not included) 
1 No Galvanised mild steel band clip 
1 No Braided hose bent adapter 
1 No 15mm x 15mm x 1/2" bsp tee 

Kit E Thermostatic  Mixing Valves 

Kit E - Thermostatic Mixing Valves 
Fail Safe TMV3 Supplying Reduced Temperature Hot Water at Constant Temperature 
1 No 15mm c/w check valves £58.00 
1 No 22mm c/w check valves £63.00 

Kit G/A Combined Mounting Bracket (for undersink water heaters only) 

Kit G/A - Combined Mounting Bracket 
For fast, easy installation of expansion vessel, check valve and safety valve  
(NB safety valve supplied with heater) 
1 No Stainless steel bracket, hose & cross 
1 No 2L Pre-charged expansion vessel 
1No 15mm Compression single check valve 

Kit J/2 Tundish 

In compliance with Building Regulations Part G3 requirements 
Kit J/2 15mm x 22mm straight tundish 

Electrolytic Scale Reducer 

This electrolytic scale reducer has a serviceable life of between two and ten years (subject to local water hardness) after which time the anode will cease to function and the water conditioning effect will subside. Tenacious scale will begin to form on the kettle element and shower head again at which time the electrolytic scale reducer should be replaced with a new unit. 
Technical Specification Max. working pressure at 20˚C: 10 bar Cold feed operating temperature: 2 to 40˚C Designed for equivalent free flow of 15mm dia pipe Compression ends to: BS EN 1254-2 for use with 15mm or 22mm copper tube Made in Great Britain 
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