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Compact Plus & Rapid Fast Flow Accessories 

Kit A Expansion Vessel & Check Valve 

Required where pipework cannot accommodate expansion 
1 No Pre-charged 2L Expansion Vessel 
1 No 15mm compression single check valve 
Individually boxed 

Kit B Pressure Reducing Valve 

Required when mains pressure  
exceeds 4.5 Bar 
1 No 15mm Pressure reducing valve Adjustable (preset to 3 Bar) 
1 No Pressure gauge (optional extra) 

Kit C Undersink Heater Installation Kit 

1 No 700mm x 1/2" bsp braided hose 
1 No 300mm x 1/2" bsp braided hose 
1 No 15mm x 1/2" x 15mm compression tee 
1No 1/2" x 3/4" angle tundish 
1No 15mm compression lever service valve 

Kit D 2L Expansion Vessel  Installation Kit 

Kit D - 2L Expansion Vessel Installation Kit 
Useful where vessel is on view or at risk of damage (Vessel not included) 
1 No Galvanised mild steel band clip 
1 No Braided hose bent adapter 
1 No 15mm x 15mm x 1/2" bsp tee 

Kit E Thermostatic  Mixing Valves 

Kit E - Thermostatic Mixing Valves 
Fail Safe TMV3 Supplying Reduced Temperature Hot Water at Constant Temperature 
1 No 15mm c/w check valves £47.99 
1 No 22mm c/w check valves £56.99 

Kit G/A Combined Mounting Bracket (for undersink water heaters only) 

Kit G/A - Combined Mounting Bracket 
For fast, easy installation of expansion vessel, check valve and safety valve  
(NB safety valve supplied with heater) 
1 No Stainless steel bracket, hose & cross 
1 No 2L Pre-charged expansion vessel 
1No 15mm Compression single check valve 

Kit J/1 Tundish 

In compliance with Water Board requirements 
KIT J/1 1/2" x 3/4" angle tundish 

Kit J/2 Tundish 

In compliance with Water Board requirements 
Kit J/2 15mm x 22mm straight tundish 
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